The Importance of Caring: My Journey into Nursing – Krista Beiermann

By Ashley Strehle Hartman, freelance writer
for Columbus Community Hospital  – Columbus, Nebraska
Published on the Columbus Community Hospital website, July 2018

Krista Beiermann, BSN, RN, has Mother Nature to thank for her career in health care.

Beiermann, who is from Osceola, was a junior in high school when a blizzard hit her hometown. It was Halloween and the weather was so severe, even the holiday was cancelled. Beiermann was excited to stay home from school and enjoy the snow, but her parents had other plans.

“When our power went out at home, my parents decided I would go into work with my mother to help, since staff could not make it to and from work,” Beiermann said.

Her mother worked the Good Samaritan Center, a senior living facility, so a teenage Beiermann spent the day assisting residents and staff.

“Even though I was thrown straight into patient care, I LOVED IT!” Beiermann said. “The staff and residents were so appreciative of my help that I knew my future would be in the nursing field.”

Her career goals settled, Beiermann went on to graduate from Clarkson College with a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing. She started her nursing career as a cardiovascular rehabilitation nurse specialist with Clarkson Hospital.

In 2001, Beiermann started working at Columbus Community Hospital (CCH) in the surgery department. She has worked at CCH ever since – in the cardiopulmonary
rehabilitation department and in Occupational Health Services – where she was the wellness coordinator and then clinical nurse manager.

Since 2012, Beiermann has worked in CCH’s quality department. In this position,
she is responsible for the hospital’s risk management and infection control and prevention programs. Beiermann also serves as CCH’s patient safety coordinator.

Beiermann is responsible for creating and maintaining a hospital-wide program
to prevent and control infection. She also develops policies that reduce the risk of
injury to patients, staff and visitors. In her position, Beiermann works with all
areas of the hospital and all of its employees – which is one of her favorite parts of
the job.

“I am so fortunate to be able to work in different capacities with all of our employees,”
she said. “All of the staff are amazing and such a joy to work with.”

Another thing Beiermann enjoys about working at CCH, is the hospital’s emphasis
on education and how they support their employees’ professional goals.

“CCH has always been supportive by allowing me to attend local meetings and national conferences to learn more about the many different aspects of my job,” Beiermann said. “I am very appreciative of their support to continue my education with certifications.”

Beiermann is currently working on a Certification in Infection Prevention and Control, or CIC®, credential. She is a member of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) in which she holds a board position with the Nebraska affiliation, Greater Omaha APIC. Beiermann is also a member of American Society for Health Care Risk Management. She previously held a board position with their local Nebraska Association for Healthcare Quality, Risk and Safety.

Outside of work, Beiermann enjoys spending time with her husband, Steve, and their children: Zack, Zane and Addi.

Beiermann’s sons are about the same age she was when she decided on a career in health care – with a little help from Mother Nature and one big blizzard.

She’s happy with the decision she made that day.

Working in health care was the right choice for Beiermann and she believes most people could find a rewarding career in the field – just like she did.

“Health care is an amazing field with countless opportunities,” she said. “There is something for everyone’s interest.”

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