The Importance of Caring – My Journey into Health Care: Mandy Lauck

By Ashley Strehle Hartman, freelance writer
for Columbus Community Hospital  – Columbus, Nebraska
Published on the Columbus Community Hospital website, October 2019

Mandy Lauck, marketing and community benefit specialist at Columbus Community Hospital (CCH), grew up around the health care field.

Her role model, her mom, worked in health care as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and in a variety of different positions in nursing homes.

“She was always so caring and compassionate to all the patients she took care of and made an impact in their life,” Lauck said. “Seeing how she touched so many, I knew that health care was something I also wanted to be involved in.”

But as interested as she was in health care, Lauck loved writing and graphic design too. That’s why she went on to get her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism – News Editorial from Midland Lutheran College (which is now Midland University) in 2006.

After college, Lauck got a job as the marketing director at Affiliated Food Midwest, a position she stayed in for about 10 years.

When Lauck noticed an open position as a marketing and community benefit specialist at CCH, she decided to apply. She thought it would be a good fit as it would allow her to put her writing and journalism skills to work in the health care field.

“I wanted to find an avenue that involved personal relationships and my love for writing and graphic design. So, when my current position opened up, I decided that it would be a challenging, but rewarding position,” she said.

She was right. Lauck started as marketing and community benefits specialist at CCH about two years ago, and she’s very happy in the position. Though the job is challenging, just as she expected when she applied, she said “the rewards definitely outweigh those challenges.”

In her position, Lauck markets all the services, events and opportunities that CCH offers to patients and community members, as well as to its volunteers and employees. To do this, Lauck creates marketing materials, such as newspaper ads, social media posts, email blasts, newsletters, website updates, billboards and much more.

With this variety of work, Lauck said she has no typical day in her job.

“A typical day for me varies by the minute. It changes constantly based on what needs a specific event, department or service needs at that particular moment,” she said. “There are always scheduled tactics that need to be completed based on our deadlines, however, other opportunities can pop up at a moment’s notice.”

Through it all, Lauck said she is very supported by CCH’s leadership and staff.

“Columbus Community Hospital is the most uplifting and supportive organization I have ever came across,” she said. “When I first started, the staff at CCH talked a lot about the hospital being a family. I was like, ‘Yeah, okay sure.’ But it really is. It’s a place full of phenomenal people of many different skill sets, but with one goal in mind – caring for others.”

Though Lauck started out her career in another field, she’s glad she ended up in health care – a field that allows her to impact others, just like her mom did.

“If you want a career that touches people’s lives – health care is the place for you,” she said. “It’s all about personal relationships. I just want to make people happy.”

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